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Laboratory of Vascular Physiology & Medicine

(Electrophysiology Unit & Molecular Biology Unit)

Research Focus:

Department of Physiology has established   “Laboratory of Vascular Physiology & Medicine” under the supervision of Professor Kusal Das. This laboratory is working extensively on both human and animal model to explore and understand physiological basis of clinical acumen to vascular integrity. It has a specialized 'ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY UNIT". The focus of the Vascular Physiology Lab is studying vascular function/dysfunction in healthy and diseased states, with particular emphasis on chronic cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus. Additionally, vascular responses to exercise and diet are studied and influences of Yoga and life style intervention on vascular health.  A variety of techniques are utilized to examine macro- and microvascular function as well as arterial stiffness in humans and animal models. The laboratory also devout itself to carry out different research projects on environmental health, cardiovascular health, respiratory health to functional modulation in different exercise induced interventional models with their molecular signalling pathways for both human and animal. The laboratory has a ‘General’ and ‘Electro-Physiology’ unit. The laboratory takes care of critical experimental protocol on rats and mice where cardiovascular, vascular, respiratory and neurological different parameters can be analyzed by both non invasive and invasive conditions. Laboratory is also capable to evaluate various cardiovascular histological analysis with the help of specialized software. The Laboratory is now under process of commissioning "MOLECULAR BIOLOGY UNIT'

The overall mission of the Vascular Physiology & Medicine Lab in the Department of Physiology is to determine the  mechanisms contributesto the development of vascular dysfunction with aging, Metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension etc. Our lab uses integrative experimental approaches to assess vascular function of peripheral arteries,stiffness and hemodynamics of the arteries of human.


We have focused interest in translating basic science findings with experimental models to clinically relevant treatments in humans and testing the efficacy of various pharmacological and lifestyle interventions in humans at high risk for developing cardiovascular diseases from molecule to system


Currently the laboratory has two extramural projects (DRDO, Govt of India & VGST, Govt. of Karnataka) in its credit. The Laboratory is also having a full time Junior Research Fellow, supported by DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Government of India besides an expert vascular physiologist Dr.Sartish G. Patil, Assistant Professor of Physiology. Beside this the laboratory also support in running Yoga based cardiac rehabilitation trial funded by ICMR-MRC in collaboration with Centre for Chronic Disease Control (CCDC), New Delhi.

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* Profile of Kusal K. Das & Publications (2013 - 2017)

  Profile of Kusal K.Das NIH Format 

* Bio-sketch of M.S.Biradar (Clinical Adviser)

* Funded by:- BLDE University, Vijayapura (2013-2017)

                      LSRB, DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Government of India (2014-2017)

                      DST-KFIST(2), Government of Karnataka (2016-2018)

Book Chapter (2016-2017)


Das KK, Das S, Ambekar JG (2017).  Hypoxia and Oxidative Stress: Cell Signaling Mechanisms

and Protective Role of Vitamin C and Cilnidipine.  In: Lipid Peroxidation: Inhibition, Effects and Mechanisms (ed.Angel Catala), Edition: 1, Chapter: 11, Publisher: Nova Publishers, NY, pp.249-262, ISBN 978-1-53610-506-3 [PDF]

Das KK, Biradar MS (2016).  Ethical Publications in Medical Research. In: (Peter A.Clark Edited) Bioethics - Medical, Ethical and Legal Perspectives; InTech Open Science, Croatia,EU. ISBN 978-953-51-2848-9. pp 39-54 [PDF]

Selected Articles (2015-2017) for free download PDF

Chadchan KS, Das SN, Jargar JG, Das KK. A comparative study on Anti-diabetic effects of aqueous Trigonella foenum graecum, Hibiscus cannabinus Linn, and Cicer arietinum extracts on Alloxan induced Diabetic Male Albino Rats. J Young Pharm. 2017;9(2):230-3.[PDF]

Kori RS, Aladkatti RH, Desai SD, Das KK. Effect of Anti-stress Activity of Fluoxetine on Restrained Stress Induced Male Albino Rats in Hematological Parameters and Whole Brain Histopathology. J Young Pharm. 2017;9(2):246-50.[PDF]

Patil SG, Patil SS, Aithala MR,  Das KK: Comparison of yoga and walking-exercise on cardiac time intervals as a measure of cardiac function in elderly with increased pulse pressure. Indian Heart Journal 03/2017;, DOI:10.1016/j.ihj.2017.02.006 [PDF]

Bagoji IG, Hadimani GA, Yendigeri SM, Das KK: Sub-chronic indomethacin treatment and its
effect on the male reproductive system of albino rats: possible protective role of black
tea extract. J Basic Clinical Physiol Pharmacol. 02/2017;  DOI:10.1515/jbcpp-2016-0168 [PDF]

Das KK. No compromise to ethical research and publications. Indian J Health Sci Biomed Res

Das KK. Relevance of Vascular Sciences Research.J Krishna Inst Med Sci Univ 2017; 6(1):1-2 [PDF]

Ugran V,Desai N, Chakraborti D,Masali KA,Mantur P, Kulkarni S,Deshmukh N,Chadchan   KS, Das SN,Tanksali AS, Arwikar SP,Guggarigoudar SP, Vallabha T,Patil SS, Das KK.   Groundwater

fluoride contamination and its possible health implications in Indi taluk of Vijayapura District

(Karnataka State), India. Environmental Geochemistry and Health 2016; .pp 1-13. DOI:

10.1007/s10653-016-9869-2 [PDF

Kori RS, Aldakatti RH, Desai SD, Das KK. Effect of Drug Alprazolam on Restrained Stress Induced Alteration of Serum Cortisol and Antioxidant Vitamins (Vitamin C and E) in Male Albino Rats. J Clin Diag Res 2016; 10(8): AF07-AF09. DOI: 10.7860/JCDR/2016/21355.8380 [PDF]

Das KK, Nemegouda SR, Patil SG, Saha S. Possible Hypoxia Signaling Induced Alteration of Glucose Homeostasis in Rats Exposed to Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia - Role of Antioxidant (Vitamin C) and Ca2+ Channel Blocker (Cilnidipine) Current Signal Transduction Therapy 2016, 11(1): 49-55. [PDF]

Das KK, Vallabha T, Patil SM, Ray J, Deepak KK. Knowledge on Ethical Authorship: A Comparative Study Between Medical And Pharmacy Faculty. J Young Pharm 2016; 8(2);136-140. DOI: 10.5530/jyp.2016.2.15 [PDF]

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Patil PS, Aithal M, Pujari VM, Das KK. Effect of occupational exposure on wbc count and oxidative stress in rice mill workers . J Krishna Inst Medical Sci Univ 2016 ; 5(1):27-31 [PDF]

Vallabha T, Karjol U, Kalyanappagol V, Sindigikar V, Nidoni R, Biradar H, Aniketan KV, Das KK. Rational Hyperoxia in the Perioperative Period: a Safe and Effective Tool in the Reduction of SSI. Indian J Surg 2015 ;DOI 10.1007/s12262-015-1314-8 [PDF]

Patil PS, Aithala M, Das KK.(2015). Effect of Occupational Exposure on Blood Cell Counts, Electrocardiogram and Blood Pressure in Rice Mill Workers. J Clin Diag Res 2015;9(1):CC01-CC03. [PDF] 

Patil SG, Aithala MR, Das KK. Effect of Yoga on Arterial Stiffness in Elderly Subjects with Increased Pulse Pressure: A Randomized Controlled Study. Complement Ther Med 2015.;23(4):562-9 [PDF]

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Lead Man of India Great Scientist Prof.Thuppil Venkatesh visited Vascular laboratory in December 2017

Professor Thuppil Venkatesh -Lead man of India visited Vascular lab along with Prof.Gustavo Zubieta-Calleja and Mr.Parthasarathy on 9th December 2017. Professor Venkatesh delivered a mind blowing lecture at BLDEA's College of Engineering & Technology, Vijayapura on 9th.December. Prof.Gustavo also delivered a talk on Space Travel at same venue.

Prof.Venkatesh, Prof.Gustavo with Prof.Das at Vascular Laboratory


Professor Gustavo Zubieta Calleja visited Vascular Lab 

(July 2016)

Professor Gustavo Zubieta Calleja, President, Zubieta University and Director, High Altitude Pulmonary and Pathology (IIPH), La Paz, Bolivia visited Laboratoty of Vascular Physiology and Medicine on 27 & 28 July 2016. The world renowned pulmonologist and a champion of humanity was accompanied by his spouse Ms Lucrecia (Former Bolivian Diplomat & Ambassador of Denmark) and his younger daughter Raphiela. Honble Vice Chancellor of BLDE University, Vijayapura Dr.M.S.Biradar was also seen here


Researchers of Vascular Laboratory

Undergoing Research projects at Vascular Laboratory:-


Pallavi Kanthe  

Title- "Effect of Ethanolic Extract of Emblica Officinalis (Amla) on intermediary metabolism of albino rats fed with hyperlipidemic diet".

Lata M Mullur (University Research Grants)  

Title- (University Research Grants) "Calcium homeostasis in acquired cardiovascular diseases: Role of Vitamin D and NOS3 pathway- A cross sectional study".

Jyoti Khodnapur  (University Research Grants)

Title-  “Relationship between oxygen tension, Oxidative stress and vascular ageing among primary hypertensive patients of Vijayapur urban area”

Saeed Yendigeri  

Title-"Effect of 1, 25- (OH) 2 D3 on pathophysiology of heart and lungs in male albino rats exposed to chromium VI"

Shrilaxmi Bagali (VGST/DST-Karnataka Supported)

Title:- “Hypoxia and Cell Signaling: Cardiovascular Remodeling, Glucose Homeostasis and Role of Calcium (Ca2+) channel blockers (Cilnidipine) in normotensive and mineralocorticoid induced hypertensive rats”.

Chandramouli Reddy R (DRDO,Government of India supported)          

Title-Influence of L-ascorbic acid on chronic hypoxia induced alteration of cell signaling pathways on cardiovascular system in male Wister rats with or without exposure to heavy metal nickel

Santhosh R Nemagouda             

Title- An evaluation of the role of non-invasive ventilation in hypoxemic respiratory failure patients- A prospective study in a tertiary care hospital.



Satish G.Patil & SS.Patil (MRC-ICMR grant)

Title- “Effect of Yoga based Cardiac Rehabilitation Program on Vascular Endothelial function in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction”

Bheemsetty S.Patil & Ishwar B.Bagoji

(University Research Grants & University of Leeds supported)

Title – “Influence of sub chronic exposure to hypoxia and NMDA receptor antagonists on vascular functions of cerebral ischemic rats”

Gavishidappa Hadimani         

Title-(University Research Grant)  Effect of mucuna preurie and withania somnefera on renal functions in unilateral renal artery occluded male rats.   


Regional Medical Research Centre (ICMR), Belagavi, Karnataka

Professor Kusal K Das is interacting with Scientists at ICMR -Regional Medical Research Centre, Belagavi, Karnataka on 26th.December 2016 at ICMR Regional Centre, Belagavi. Dr.Debaprasad Chattopadhyay-Director of the Centre, Dr.S.L.Hoti-Scientist G other scientists are seen.


       "Electrophysiology Unit" of "Laboratory of Vascular Physiology & Medicine"

© 2017 Department of Physiology 


Vascular Laboratory


Professor in Charge- Prof.Kusal Das

Clinical Adviser - Dr.M.S.Biradar


Important Instruments & Equipment:

Research (Electrophysiology)

1. MP45 Biopac Student Lab:

  • Rat & Human ECG Monitoring
  • Pneumogram
  • HRV Analysis
  • Animal (Rat/mice) invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Animal (Rat/mice) non- invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • EEG and other neurological works
  • EMG etc. on both rats & human

2. UV Visible Spectrophotometer (Schimadzu UV 1800):

  • Qualitative & Quantitative analysis of Biologically important compounds
  • Enzyme kinetics
  • To Study the absorption Spectra of compounds
  • Quantitative analysis of pharmaceutical substances

3. Periscope:

  • It is an automated cardiovascular analyzer. It analyze arterial stiffness, estimates simultaneous four limb blood pressure, Central aortic blood pressure and cardiac indices from pressure analysis.

Molecular Biology
1. ELISA Micro-plate Reader:
  • Qualitative & Quantitative analysis of the Biologically important compounds (Hormones, Growth factors, Specific Bacterial or Viral Antigens) based on their Immune property.(eg: VEGF, HIF 1 alpha, etc)

2. ELISA Micro-plate Washer

  • Its used in the process of washing the microplates to remove the excess/unbound antigens/ antibodoies with specific Buffer where we can set the Number of washing cycles

3. Western Blotting Apparatus

  • To evaluate gene expressions in blood & tissues

4. PCR ( Thermocycler) machine

  • To evaluate gene sequencing and finding the specific gene

5. Cold Centrifuge (-20 Degree Celsius with 20K rpm)

6. Deep Freezer (-20 Degree Celsius)


1. Physio-Pac:

  • PC based Electrophysiology system ECG, EEG, EMG, Respiratory rate, Pulse rate

2. DicroWin (PC based PPG Analyzer)

  • PC based automatic pulse plethysmography analyzer system, Stiffness index, Reflection index and cardiovascular indices such as ejection slope, Left ventricular ejection time, upstroke time, pre-ejection period.

3. CANWin (Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy Analyzer)

  • PC based automatic cardiac neuropathy analyzer and parasympathetic battery of tets

Research Collaborations:-

1. Tulane University,New Orleans,USA

2. University of Leeds,UK

3. Zubieta University, La Paz, Bolivia 

  (Under Process)

3. PHFI, IIPH-Hyderabad

4. SOES, Jadavpur University,Kolkata

5. BLDEA's College of Engineering & 

   Technology ,Vijayapur-586103


Foreign Scientists at Work in Vascular Laboratory 

Prof.Gustavo (Bolivia) & Prof.Majid (USA) are observing electro- physiological changes in animal at Vascular lab.


Cerebral Ischemia Model in Rat

Laboratory of Vascular Physiology & Medicine has successfully performed rodent focal ischemic model. To view the Video please click here.



Research Scientist of Vascular Lab R.Chandramouli Reddy is invited by NUS, SIngapore Vascular Lab

R.Chandramouli ReddyJr.Research Scientist, LVPM is invited by Vascular Medicine & Hypertension Laboratory, Department of Medicine, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, National University of Singapore to visit, work and interact with their faculty for 2 weeks. He will be visiting there from December 26, 2017 to January 8, 2018. Dr.Veerendra Chadachan,MD;MRCP,FAMS is his mentor at NUS.
----------------------------------------        Molecular Biology Unit

Work is in progress at Molecular Biology Unit

Dr.Sikha Saha of University of Leeds, UK is with Vascular laboratory Scholars at Electrophysiology Unit


Prof.Dr.Gustavo Zubieta Calleja, renowned pulmonologist and President of Zubieta University and Director of High Altitude Pulmonary and Pathology Institute (IIPH) La Paz, Bolivia visited Laboratory of Vascular Physiology & Medicine on July 27 2016 for 2 days.


Leeds Professor Supervising Works at Vascular Laboratory

Dr.Bheemsetty S.Patil,PhD & Researcher at Vascular lab working under the supervision of Dr.Sikha Saha of University of Leeds on 4th October 2016


      Prof.Kusal K.Das engagements

Date: 28.01.2018

Chief Guest - "Inclusive Education" by BLDEA's JSS College of Education & APD, Bangalore at JSS College of Education, Vijayapura,India